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List of Current Contractors

A-Mod Saws

B&B Landscape

Black Oak Forestry

Bob Johnson Construction

Buck Mason Contracting LLC

Capitan Forestry

Carlson's Construction

CLT Logging

Cutwright Services

Daylight Tree Service & Equipment, LLC

DeForest Land Management

Double Tree Forest Management

ECO Forest Management

Edgewood Logging

Firestorm W.F.S. Inc

Flying B Bar Brush Company

Forest Restoration

Foster Forestry and Fire Prevention

J. Cota Forestry

K & K Equipment

Kut-Ya-Mean Cutters LP

Larry Stock / Michelle

Lepage Company Inc.

Liberty Lumberjack LLC

Lightfoot Brushing Machine

Lomakatsi Restoration Project

MAD Timber Falling

McClellan Construction

NorCal Forest Resources

North Zone Fallers Inc.

Northern California Resource Center

Premier Clearing

RCO Reforesting

Rizzardo Landscaping & Tree Trimming

Russ Dixon

Sanders Precision Timber Falling

Selkirk Landworks

Shannon's Trucking Inc. 

Shasta Brown, Inc

Shasta Wood Recycling

Singleton Construction

Siskiyou Trees

Sound Forest Technologies

Summit Forests, Inc.

Thompson Land Management

Timbersmith Corporation


Valley Timber Resources Inc.

Veller Environmental

2C Land and Timber Management Corp