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Healthy Soils Program (HSP)

In 2023, the Siskiyou Economic Development Council (SEDC) was awarded $5 million from the California Department of Food and Agriculture (CDFA) to administer their Healthy Soils Block Grant Pilot Program (HSP). 

The Shasta Valley Resource Conservation District (SVRCD)  has partnered with the SEDC to serve as their Technical Assistance Provider (TAP). We will provide no-cost technical assistance to farmers and ranchers with everything from application assistance to project design and implementation of on-farm projects.

This program gives funding directly to Siskiyou County agriculture producers to implement healthy soils practices on their operations. With emergency drought regulations still in effect in Siskiyou, this program is especially timely in mitigating effects from potential early season curtailments. Healthy, resilient, and sustainable soil practices are the foundation of successful land stewardship, and we are so excited to work with you and your operation in this important endeavor!

The HSP program provides agricultural operations in Siskiyou County up to $200,000 for practices that improve soil health, sequester carbon, and lower atmospheric greenhouse gas emissions. A list of CDFA’s eligible practices can be found here. Direct funding and technical assistance will be offered from early 2024 to summer 2027.

For more information on how to apply, please visit the Healthy Soils Program page on the SEDC website and sign up on their intake form. Then, keep an eye on your inbox for additional application information. Should you need assistance filling out the form, or if you have any questions please contact Mallory at


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