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Water Quality

The SVRCD is engaged at many levels with improving water quality in the Shasta River and other watersheds in our service area.  We work to support local efforts to comply with the Shasta River and other TMDL’s as well as other water quality initiatives.

CIMIS Station 

Two CIMIS stations are continuously adding data and local knowledge to the groundwater monitoring efforts in Shasta Valley. Located on irrigated pastures in Gazelle and Montague; the CIMIS stations are online and available to all growers and scientists for hourly or daily real-time numbers. The Shasta Valley CIMIS stations measure precipitation, wind, temperature, humidity, and solar radiation and calculate rates of ET. CIMIS stands for California Irrigation Management Information System. The statewide network of weather stations are valuable to producers who want to maximize irrigation efficiencies. Evapotranspiration or ET is a critical design and management metric. ET is the amount of water that a plant (transpiration) and soils (evaporation) uses in a given period of time. In a summer of drought, current irrigation data is one tool producers use to maximize limited surface and groundwater su