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Siskiyou Prescribed Burn Association

Siskiyou PBA Mission

The mission of the Siskiyou PBA is to engage landowners, tribes, and local organizations and agencies to work together to safely conduct burns in the interest of restoring historic roles of fire, using fire as a management tool, and reducing wildfire hazard to our communities and watersheds throughout the diverse fire-adapted landscapes of Siskiyou County.

Vision and Values 

The Siskiyou PBA aims to be a community led, collaborative group that plans and implements prescribed burns to promote sustainable forest and rangeland management, reduce risk and potential impacts of wildfire, and support watershed level ecological restoration. With the efforts of the Siskiyou PBA we hope to empower our local community to safely use fire again, renewing a healthy relationship with fire and giving fire back to the people.

The "PBA model" is a well proven method of partners working together to bring healthy fire back to the landscape and reestablish more resilient ecosystem conditions. Successful PBA’s have been operating in the Southeastern U.S. and Great Plains States for years. In 2017, the first PBA in California was established in Humboldt County. The model quickly spread throughout the State with over a dozen similar organizations forming over the past few years.


The leadership of the Siskiyou PBA includes a collaborative partnership between Shasta Valley RCD, Scott River Watershed Council, Mid Klamath Watershed Council, Quartz Valley Indian Reservation, Torchbearr, and the Mount Shasta Bioregional Ecology Center. The Siskiyou PBA also partners with the Klamath and Shasta Trinity National Forests, CALFIRE, local Fire Departments and Fire Safe Councils to increase local capacity for prescribed fire.