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McKinley Scott Fuel Reduction

May contain: tree, plant, fir, abies, and conifer

The McKinley Scott Fuel Reduction Project is a cross boundary fuel reduction project that will treat over 2,000 acres of forest in the Scott Bar Mountains. The unique partnership includes the Klamath National Forest, Michigan-California Timber Company, Acer Klamath Forest LLC, Oregon State University, and Siskiyou County, SVRCD. The project will reduce fuels on a strategic ridgeline on the lands of the two timber companies and Klamath National Forest 

The goals of the project are to:

1)    Improve forest health and resilience to severe wildfire, drought, disease, and pests, 
2)    Reduce wildfire risk for nearby communities and infrastructure, 
3)    Facilitate fire suppression operations,
4)    Increase long-term Carbon capture and storage to ensure the forest remains a net sink of Carbon
5)    Ensure treated and adjacent forested areas continue to provide an abundance of ecosystem and societal benefits

May contain: tree, plant, fir, abies, pine, outdoors, conifer, and nature